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Who we are

We do it in different ways:

We adapt cutting-edge technologies to simple execution processes.


DIXPLANET has been running since 2005, carrying out projects in different fields of science and engineering. We are acknowledged globally as one of the main protagonists in regard to climate change and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), being awarded in the most important institutions around the world. Thanks to our innovative developments, by using cutting-edge technologies, we have obtained important recognition in Colombia and arojustifyund the world, among which we can count Premio Nacional de Ciencias in Colombia (National Science Award), Award to Scientific Merit in the United States of America, Award in the European Environmental Challenge, World Award Challenge H2O Panama – 2018, and postulation to the Prince of Asturias Award, among others. We are specialists in the design and manufacturing of equipment for fluids’ purification and sterilization, construction of DWTP and WWTP and everything having to do with alternative energies, using the latest existing technologies. We are the exclusive representatives of Lubristone HC and marketers of brands like Schneider Electric. Currently, our company is actively participating in national and international infrastructure and agribusiness projects.

Our mission is to participate in infrastructure and agribusiness projects by designing and implementing technological systems to mitigate environmental and ecological impact, for the benefit of humankind, through permanent innovation of high standard projects, products, and services, seeking our clients’, stockholders’, and collaborators’ needs satisfaction.

Our vision is to get international recognition as a leading company in the development of infrastructure and innovation projects, with sustainable solutions to bring about benefit for humankind with the minimum impact on the environment.

DIXPLANET is a proactive and synergic company for the execution of projects, service delivery, and marketing of products, based on our customers’ needs and offering solutions in various fields such as Energy, Water, Air, Agribusiness, and Food Security.

DIXPLANET, the first disruptive company in America. Know more about us:

Proyecto Sudamérica (project South America)

Conversatorio Sobre Proyectos de Emprendimiento Verde (Dialogue on Green Entrepreneurship Projects)

Proyecto Biodomo el Edén (Project Eden Biodome)

GUAJIRA: Sed y esperanza (Thirst and hope)

We innovate the present to guarantee a sustainable future.

We research, design, and construct, under the latest technological innovation criteria, equipment, and processes in the following areas: water treatment (DWTP and WWTP), hydrocarbon spills treatment, non-conventional energy alternatives, environment biological control, and ekistics city design (sustainable). The purpose is to cause the least possible environmental impact in order to guarantee a sustainable planet, observing the SDGs and the Millennium Goals.


H2O Challenge

Project: Ion + Desalination, awarded first prize in the World Water Challenge – H2O 2018. Panama City, Panama.


RELX Group Environmental Challenge

Proyecto: Ion + Desalinator ®, Ganador del segundo premio en el Desafío Ambiental más importante de Europa, RELX 2017. Stockholm, Sweden.


Discover, Science For The Curious

Proyecto: Ion + Desalinator ®, Reconocido por la Revista Discover Magazine USA, como “una de las mejores estrategias de adaptación al cambio climático en países en desarrollo” Edición Mayo de 2016.


Scientific Director

Colombian scientist and environmentalist. Member of the ACAC (Asociación Colombiana Para el Avance de la Ciencia) (Colombian Association for the Advance of Science). Strategic ally of the ISTEC (Instituto Iberoamericano de Ciencia y Tecnología) (Ibero-American Institute of Science and Technology). National Award for Scientific Merit in Miami, Florida. Coffee Landscape Ambassador before UNESCO. World Award H2O Demo Day Panama, 2018. Winner of second prize in Europe’s most important Environmental Challenge, RELX 2017. Great Merit Award in Miami, Florida. Great Golden Cross Award Thomas Van Der Hammen. Awarded the Order of Democracy Simon Bolivar. Postulated to Prince of Asturias Award by Colciencias and the Colombian Congress.

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