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Magnetic vector amplifier

This is a system of increased power generation by magnetic vector. The equipment can take power from alternative or interconnected sources and amplify both the potency and the energy emission in a ratio of 1 to 6.


Lubristone HC

Besides other uses, this product has been developed to work in surfaces contaminated by hydrocarbons, greases, oils. This product is totally biodegradable and innocuous to living things.


Improvement and modernization of hydraulic systems and Blue, Grey, and Green waters treatment systems

Dixplanet is a disruption and technological innovation company, with solutions that take cutting-edge technologies existing in the world, focusing their actions mainly on the following areas:

  • Control and environment sterilization
  • New water purification and sterilization in all their uses (blue, grey, and green waters)
  • Improvement of processes and proposition of new projects
  • Use of 100% biodegradable elements for factories’ cleaning and asepsis

In general, we offer an innovation and technology portfolio backed and awarded globally.

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