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Analysis consultancies and studies in subjects related to:

  • Renewable energies matrix
  • Creation and co-creation of high-power energy
  • Purification and treatment of industrial processes and consumption waters
  • Treatment of industrial, commercial, and residential waste waters
  • Handlining, treatment, and transformation of solid wastes
  • Biodiversity, environment, and climate change
  • Environmental impact
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Water efficient use and saving
  • Flooding mitigation
  • Territorial planification
  • Optimization of processes and rational use of energy
  • Social and environmental responsibility

Administration and management of projects

We carry out the formulation, execution, assessment, administration, and follow-up of investment projects it all their cycle (profile, pre-feasibility and/or feasibility). We manage projects from their conceptual engineering, basic and detail engineering, until the construction and key-in-hand delivery.

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