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Provisional and Use Patents: Water


This is a technological development to desalinate and purify saline or brackish waters, using wind as a power source. The equipment is also designed to work with photovoltaic or aerogenerator systems with battery banks and reversing gears, depending on the geographic and environmental conditions of the location.

The aero-desalinator works by taking the brackish water towards the temporary storing tank and into the slow filtration module where pathogenic agents and polluting substances are eliminated. Next, the water, still brackish, goes into the wind power pumping module where it gets enough pressure to go into de ionic doping desalination module. Here, water is liberated from salt and taken to the drinking water storing tank, which meets the quality international standards for human consumption, certified by SGS Consumer Testing Services.

Its initial cost (CAPEX) is significantly low, compared to other conventional desalination systems. Its operative costs (OPEX) are also very low because it does not use any combustibles, it does not require chemicals, and its useful life is longer than 20 years, with the recommended maintenance, which can be carried out by personnel with minimum training and simple tools. This makes its financial viability to be superior compared to other existing alternatives.

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Aero-desalinator H2O Challenge Winner

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SGS Certified

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Colciencias Guajira Certificate

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Linear Hydraulic Machine®

Linear Hydraulic Machine is the creation of a hydraulic power generating system that uses only the river slopes, that meets or exceeds the typical machine internal combustion characteristics in terms of efficiency.



This is a water purification plant by vertical flow, developed to supply small communities (up to 500 inhabitants) which runs by force of gravity and whose only power source is the Sun. Due to its vertical structural design, its operation does not suffer in floods or winter times.

It consists of a pumping equipment activated by photovoltaic power, which takes underground or ground water and brings it to the upper metallic structure and makes it circulate through the ascending – descending filtration system (ADFS), in order to then be taken to the slow-filter tanks and finally be disinfected with ultraviolet light.

Fluvitec is an autonomous equipment with treating capacity for 24m3/day, and does not depend on water supply networks. Thanks to its innovative filtration system, it does not require the use of chemicals or associated electronic devices. It is a compact system whose main processes are solids separation, organic and inorganic compounds removal, heavy metals extraction, and disinfection, delivering high quality water for human consumption.

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Fluvitec 2

Mini- DWTP®

This is a small single-family drinking water treatment plant, with gravity and pressure polypropylene filters. Its filtration beds count on gravel and silica sand, especially selected and sterilized for the retention of a high percentage of organic impurities, minerals, and heavy metals, as well as suspended particles, in order to give water an efficient filtration. In addition to this, it consists of an innovative system of degradation elements by “kinetic fluxion”, an element not consumed in the filters’ hydrolyzation, which reduces most of non-desirable elements in the water.

Mini- DWTP is an equipment with a useful life of over 15 year; its maintenance is simple and reasonable, for it is carried out by backwashing. Since it is not a filter, it does not need spare parts, cartridges, spark plugs, or renovation, which other technologies replace periodically.

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